Instruction for Authors

Instruction for Authors :
We kindly request the authors to consider the following notes before sending their manuscript to the Editorial Office of the Journal.
1- The submitted paper should describe original work not previously published. It is expected that the authors does not submit the paper to any other journal until they receive the reply from Advancements in Maintenance Engineering Journal.
 2- The title of the paper should be short and unambiguously reflects its contents. Regarding the spaces between the words, the title should not exceed 60 letters and it should be typed using Times New Roman bold 18.
3- The authors’ name should be typed after the title, using Times New Roman bold 14. His (her) position or affiliation should be typewritten with Times New Roman 12.
4- Each paper should be provided with an abstract of maximum 150 words, reporting concisely on the purpose and results of the paper. It should be typed in single column using Times New Roman 11.
5- The keywords (minimum 3 words and maximum 6 words) should be typewritten after the abstract and before the introduction.
6- The main text should be initiated with an introduction and terminated with a conclusion. Depending on the kind of the paper, it may contain a literature review, description of the material and the methods and explanation of the results and discussion.
7- Manuscript should be typewritten on one side of A4 paper, single-spaced, with adequate margins (3 cm from each side). They should be typed in one column and with Times New Roman 12, using Microsoft Word compatible with Windows XP.
8- References should be numbered sequentially in brackets through the text of the paper.
9- References should be typewritten in single column according to the following example of layout. They should be typed with Times New Roman 11.
[1] A. Tesei, W.L.J. Fox, A. Maguer, A. Lovik, "Target parameter estimation using resonance scattering analysis applied to air-filled, cylindrical shells in water", J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 108 (2000) 2891-2910.
[2] N. D. Veksler, "Resonance Acoustic Spectroscopy", Springer Series on Wave Phenornena, Springer-Verlag, 1993.
[3] F. Honarvar, Y. Fan, A.N. Sinclair, "Scattering of obliquely incident acoustic waves from immersed transversely isotropic cylinders", Proc. Tenth. Int. Con. Sound. Vib., (2003) 2491-2498.
10- Each footnote should be referred at the appropriate point in the text by a superscript numeral.
11- The number of the mathematical formulas should be typewritten in parentheses in front of them.
12- The results and the list of references should be typewritten separately at the end of the paper.
13- The System International (SI) units must be used for all scientific, field and laboratory data.
14- All the illustrations, Figures and diagrams of the paper should be original and they must have good qualities. If possible, the scanned files of photos and illustrations should be sent to the Editorial Office of the Journal.
15- The legends and descriptions to the illustrations, diagrams and Figures must be typed with Times New Roman 11 at their above and for the Tables must be typed with the same format at their below.
16- The size of the manuscript should not exceed 7500 words or 12 pages.
17- The registration form ( or and the electronic files of paper in Microsoft Word and PDF format should be sent or emailed to this address : Postal Address : First Floor, Logistic Research Center, Fifth Alley, Piroozane Jonoubi St., Hormozan St., Sanat Sq., Ghods Town, Tehran, Iran.
Tel : 883669741-88092884, Fax : 88575415, POB : 19395-6389, Postal Code : 1466641167, Email :
18- The sole responsibility for the views and statements expressed in the paper remains only with the corresponding author. In the case of more than one author, please indicate to whom the correspondence should be addressed (Email address and Tel).
19- Discussions on the paper is open until three months after publishing of it. In case of approval of the Editorial Board of the Journal, the authors of the paper will be invited to send their reply for publication in the next issues of the journal. The discussions and the author’s reply will be printed in the second further issues of the journal.
20- The manuscript of the paper which has been refereed, will not be sent back to the authors.
Editorial Office of Advancements in Maintenance Engineering Journal

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